Safe Luggage

Special Lost&Found protection tag with a unique ID number

Thanks to the unique ID,
your luggage gains identity
The service operates
all over the world
Losing or swapping luggage is an everyday problem whilst travelling

- Hello, my luggage is missing at the airport!! My goodness, what should I do to get lost luggage back?!?!?
- Good morning, the PIR document should be filled in first, we will help you in all formalities. Did you put a protective tag on the bag?
- Fortunately yes, my friend got back his suitcase thanks to mySafety, I hope that mine will also be found.

Unique ID
It provides the customer with anonymity. The owner of the luggage has no contact with the finder

With the instructions to the finder on the tag and information about the award, the return most often occurs much faster than in case of the standard process of an airline

Emergency Centre
Free 24-hour Hotline 800800110 supports Customer and Finder notifications

Assistance in formalities
Our Consultants will help you in the formalities related to the lost luggage. They will contact the airport staff or arrange all the necessary issues abroad

How does it work?

Secure your luggage before you go on a journey, remember about your backpack or laptop bag every day
Attach the mySafety protective tag to your property
Contact us in case you lose or swap your items with somebody else's
We will help you in regaining your loss, we will support you in completing the formalities at the airport and we will return the property after contact with the finder

In 2017, we recovered 64 pieces of luggage. Including 7 just before Christmas!

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