Safe Wallet

The possibility of immediate blocking of cards and documents under one phone and protection against fraud

Lost&Found function extended by blocking and financial protection
Modern holograms protecting the wallet and documents
Last year, we blocked 1,750 ID cards and 3,675 bank cards

- Hello, I lost my wallet with documents, what should I do? What will happen if someone takes out a loan for my documents?
- Good morning, we will immediately block the ID card, driving license and bank cards to protect you against fraud. Did you label the wallet with a security hologram?
- Yes, fortunately, I labelled the wallet a week ago. If the finder contacts you, please call.

Emergency Centre
Free 24/7 Hotline 800 800 110 handles requests from customers and finders

In order to avoid losing money, mySafety blocks payment cards or documents at the Customer's request

Financial security
The website protects against fraud, to which the loss of cards or documents expose you. mySafety takes financial responsibility after the 10th minute from reporting the loss of the item

The mySafety service guarantees the return of the lost item, after the contact of the finder and receipt by the courier

How does it work?

Label your wallet and documents with a security hologram and register it with your mySafety protected items
Call us in case you lose your cards or documents for immediate blocking
If you regain your property with a unique ID, we will quickly identify you
We will give the reward to the finder and we will return your items to the place you indicated by a safe shipment

mySafety ... because we care about your time and your finances!

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