Thanks to mySafety you will quickly get back your lost keys and avoid extra costs

Key ring with a unique ID
and return instructions for the finder
The Safe Key service
guarantees the highest return efficiency
Every day we receive reports of lost keys

- Good morning, I have lost my keys!
- Good morning, we will explain what to do if you lose your house keys and car keys. Your Safe Key service is active, soon the finder should return your property to us and we will send it to the address indicated.
- I am calm because thanks to the mySafety service I can get the lost keys back and avoid the costs of getting new ones. Thank you!

Unique ID
It ensures the protection of the Customer's identity and at the same time enables his/her quick identification

Guarantee of anonymity
The owner of the keys has no contact with the finder. All service is carried out on the mySafety website

Emergency Centre
Free 24/7 Hotline 800 800 110 handles requests from customers and finders

No additional costs
mySafety covers courier shipments and pays the finder's reward

How does it work?

A key ring with a unique ID will protect your house keys or car keys
The Finder, thanks to the instructions, will call the number of the Free 24-hour Hotline
Thanks to the unique ID we will quickly identify you and deliver the keys to the place you indicated
We will give the finder a return reward or we will suggest using a similar service

9/10 lost keys with mySafety key ring are found in the first day!

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