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Mecenas mySafety Direct is fast online legal help
- Good morning, I need quick, cheap and effective legal advice.
- Good morning, please tell us in what field of legal services? Will it be: inheritance law and regarding donations, labour law, premises and real estate, tax and insurance, criminal, offence, consumer, or maybe civil proceedings, administrative procedure or social security?
- I need help in a divorce petition.
- Ok, I am putting you through to the right lawyer.

Fast and cheap access to legal services

Individual approach to the client
Clear and understandable communication with the client in order to provide effective legal assistance

Honesty and reliability
Solution to the problem using a transparent price list and clear rules

Quick identification of threats and efficient solution of the problem

How does it work?

Call the 800 800 110 helpline or +48 22 539 49 00 - Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.
We will put you through to a specialist to whom you will be able to describe your problem
An advocate or tax adviser will prepare the optimal solution for your problem
Thanks to legal assistance of mySafety Direct - Lawyer, your problem will become a thing of the past

Getting legal advice has never been so easy!

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