Safe Bike

Safety and protection of your bike

Special tamper-evident security seal for a bicycle with a unique ID
Global reach of the service
Lost&Found services are also dedicated to protecting the bike.
- Hello, it's hard to believe, but I lost my bike ...
- Good morning, we are checking your data in our database of protected bicycles.
Nobody has reported finding a bicycle yet. We will start monitoring the internet.
- The most important thing is that the bike was marked. 80% of found bikes cannot be identified.
- That's right, we hope we will get back to you with good news soon.

Unique ID
The labelled bicycle gains identity and identification

Guarantee of anonymity
The finder has no contact with the Owner. All service is carried out on the mySafety website

Internet monitoring
Placing photos of the lost bicycle on the Internet and monitoring sales portals for a period of 12 months

Emergency Centre
Free 24/7 Hotline 800 800 110 handles requests from customers and finders

How does it work?

Register the frame number and brand along with the photo in the mySafety database, and place the tamper-evident security seal on the bike in the most visible place
Immediately after reporting the loss, mySafety consultant informs the police about the incident, giving details of your equipment
The finder contacts mySafety through a unique ID number from the tamper-evident seal
mySafety consultant informs you about finding a bike, determines the optimal method of returning it and covers logistics costs to return it to the place you indicated

80% of recovered bikes have no chance of returning to the owner, as they do not have an identification system.

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