mySafety KID

Is your kid constantly running away? Protect your child and give yourself a sense of security

The Safe Kid Bracelet is a unique protection against getting lost
We contact the guardian immediately, as many times as necessary and help in returning
We happen to receive such phones: I have lost my child! Help!

- Good morning, I saw the Safe Kid service in your on-line store. What is it about?
- Good morning. This is a service that protects your child from getting lost, which can happen anywhere in the park on a walk, shopping at the Shopping Centre, at the beach on vacation, at the playground, or even at kindergarten or school.
- Great, a pendant with a unique ID will help to protect my child a moment before leaving.

Child protection
Unique bracelet containing numbers for the Free 24/7 800 800 Hotline will allow immediate contact with the child's guardian

Contact list
It contains telephone numbers for up to 8 guardians, whom we contact as many times as necessary

Specialist Support /b>
Our specialists are on duty 24 hours a day and will help the child in contact and return to the guardian

Global reach /b>
The service operates worldwide and it is worth remembering about it during the holidays

How does it work?

mySafety cares about your child!

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